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Here at Dojo Reserve we take pride in offering premium cannabis at all price points to our medical patients. Our products are sourced from all over Northern California in order to ensure the finest quality throughout everything we offer.

Please contact us know if you are not 100% satisified with our product or service, we love our patients and our #1 priority is to keep you happy!

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Who we are

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Cannabis has always held a special connection with me and my family. When I was very young, I walked into the garage that was normally locked and saw all these beautiful green plants growing.

My parents explained the plants were medicine for really sick people; that it was still illegal, that I should not tell anyone as we could get in trouble for helping people. Dad helped our friends/patients grow and mom would turn what they grew into powerful medicine. Some of the friends/patients my parents helped had Fibromyalgia, a horrible, debilitating disease.

Mom would infuse coconut oil for a woman who felt her skin was on fire (neuropathy) as one of the side effects from the pharmaceuticals. For another she would make edibles that helped reduce the constant noise and chatter she would hear in her head. Tinctures helped all of these patients reduce their pain meds. The list goes on and on…

Seth was able to get off of all RX and ONLY uses cannabis now. He went from languishing in bed because of all of the meds to walking the Pacific Coast Highway bringing awareness of Fibromyalgia and the medicinal benefits of cannabis!

In 2009 Mom was interviewed on MSMBC’s “Marijuana, Inc.” where she spoke at length about the benefits of cannabis.

My passion for cannabis is in my DNA, so starting Dojo Reserve is a dream come true!

Thank you for being part of this dream!


Karl, our family and the Dojo Reserve Team.


What Our Clients Say

I made my first order because of the cartridge deal but I was incredibly impressed by their customer service. Fast and professional responses. Flower that I tried was very potent and fragrant. Definitely give them a shot! You won’t be disappointed.


Fantastic bud for a fantastic price. Super friendly guys and got my order within 20 minutes! Will definitely be ordering from dojo again soon


I’ve lived in Chico for four years and have dealt with almost every delivery in Chico. The Dojo is the best delivery by such a margin it isn’t even close. There price range to quality is perfect as well as there delivery time. I got their low low shelf option which ended up having seeds. Upon bringing this up to the Dojo they immediately replaced the weed no questions asked and have EXCELLENT customer service on the phone. Free gram for new patient as well.

Best value chico delivery

Nice people and great flower product Both staff members I interacted with were very kind and helpful. Good vibes. Flower was fresh, delicious and did its job. I am happy


Very satisfied with the herb, the lady who delivered was very friendly, Great quality and quantity. Very fast delivery. You won’t be disappointed.


Very satisfied with the herb, the lady who delivered was very friendly, Great quality and quantity. Very fast delivery. You won’t be disappointed.

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